It is the smallest island of the Aeolian and less high (Timpone del Corvo the higher elevation, reaches 421 meters). With Basiluzzo, Spinazzola, Lisca Bianca, Dattilo, Bottaro, Lisca nera, Howard and the ants form a small archipelago place about halfway between Lipari and Stromboli. The Mediterranean islands of Panarea and 'generous prickly pear, agavi, ginestre, capers and numerous plants of ancient olive trees. The crystal clear waters have infinite shades of color.

The most beautiful place on the island is the exclusive bay of Cala Junco, extreme southern tip of Panarea, picturesque beach enclosed between walls formed by lava; top the prehistoric village.
The village is concentrated in three districts: Saint Peter, Ditella and Drautto.

The main road that crosses the island from north to south, not passable by car, winds between houses offering fantastic views including the offshore rocks and Stromboli. The island is preserved from the campsites.
Through paths and trails, marked by mastic bushes, capers and myrtle, It is reached Timpone del Corvo from where visitors can enjoy an incomparable view of the Aeolian archipelago.
You can rent directly from island fishermen, small motor boat to explore the beautiful bay of Cala Junco and the small archipelago islands. A small sandy beach, It is within walking distance (20me. walk from the harbor) or take advantage of electric Ape-taxi services.


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