Give them travel the world and Myriam Paul brought in Panarea, ideas and objects to decorate the hotel and make it more comfortable. Ma, when they discovered Bali, world then heavenly, born in them the idea of ​​settling there for much of the year.

Myriam, innamoratasi Batik, precious painting technique sthe fabric, recognized by UNESCO as a cultural heritage of Indonesia, She had printed with his disegn,.i sometimes based on traditional ones of the Sunda islands, silks brought from his hometown and so were born beautiful fabrics and fantastic clothes.

All this continued for many years and Raya® boutiques have become a reference point for vacationers from around the world who come to seek each year's new Myriam and antique furniture shops say antique and authentic period pieces colonial, stone and wooden statues, paintings by artists and countless objects which then adorn their homes or will be a welcome cadeau for friends.








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