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Organic restaurant

Guests can have lunch on one of the most beautiful terraces in the world, as they gaze out over the delightful blue waters below, admiring the spellbinding sight of smoking Stromboli and, on the clearest of days, the magnificent silhouette of Mount Etna, capped with snow sometimes right on into May.

From 9 p.m. to midnight, dinner is served in the soft glow of organic oil lamps. Beneath the stars, guests can enjoy delicious dishes from a kitchen proud to boast it may have been the very first to use exclusively organic and biodynamic produce from farming cooperatives that operate on the principles of the Steiner school, in accordance with the changing seasons, the cycles of the moon and the rhythms of the earth. The DEMETER trademark is an unquestionable guarantee of quality.

The dishes served at Hotel Raya are deliciously simple, featuring a combination of unfailingly genuine ingredients. The fish is fresh out of the sea around the island and the meat comes from animals left to graze outdoors in the fields, yielding extraordinary, traditional flavours of timeless quality.

The chefs look nothing like the stiff-shirted catering school graduates found elsewhere, and the same can be said for the waiters. The service is nevertheless impeccable, and the pleasantly relaxing moonlit atmosphere created beneath the vault of twinkling stars reflected on the glistening waves is perfect for a romantic evening.

On the wine list, less is definitely more: a small, hand-picked selection of the very finest Sicilian vintages that have won awards both in Italy and beyond, as well as labels from top wine cellars all over the bel paese.