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How to reach us

How to get Panarea
Nearest airports: Napoli - Reggio Cal. - Palermo - Catania
How Timing Company Tel.
By ship from Naples 12h Siremar 081/2514721-72001111
By hydrofoil from Naples 4h30m Snav 081/7612348
By hydrofoil from Palermo 4h30m Liberty Lines 081/7612348
By hydrofoil from Reggio Calabria 3h Snav 090/364045
By hydrofoil from Messina 2h45m Liberty Lines  
By hydrofoil from Milazzo 1h45m Liberty Lines / Siremar  
(From Catania , Reggio Calabria,  Palerme, Naples airports)
Air Panarea
Taxi booking service from airport available